Stockport Wing Chun Academy and
Manchester Ving Tsun Academy

Driven by his passion for Wing Chun, Ged Kennerk has been teaching Wing Chun in Stockport since the mid 1990s. He established Stockport Wing Chun Academy in 2002, thus enabling him to teach the Wong Shun Leung method to a number of dedicated students. The club has allowed Ged to continually improve both his skills, and the skills of his students.

The success of Stockport Wing Chun Academy led Ged to open Manchester Ving Tsun Academy in August 2010. With the help of instructor Mark Jackson, Manchester Ving Tsun Academy has brough high quality Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun to the heart of Manchester.

Simplicity | Directness | Efficiency


In close range combat, there is rarely time for a cognitive evaluation of the situation. Wing Chun uses logical, easy to understand techniques which are designed to become reflex actions.


Attack is the best form of defense. Wing Chun uses the shortest possible path for these attacks at all times.


Based on sound combat and biomechanical principles, Wing Chun does not require great strength or athleticism. It produces results using the minimum amount of effort for a given situation.